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Classically Cool Boys Room design board featuring iron bed, wood wall desk, blue plaid throw blanket, star wars art prints, blue storage baskets and ikea kallax shelves #boysroom #boysroomideas #boysroominspiration #starwarsthemedroom #boysroomdecor #kidsroom

Right before Memorial Day, we decided it was time to finally give our kids their own rooms.  At almost 5, they have only spent one night apart from each other since they were born.  And though we knew this day would come, we kind of thought we would have to force it on them, but we’ve been dealing with some sleeping issues from the sharing aspect and the kids seemed excited about having their own space, so we just decided to go for it. 

From day one their shared room featured a navy and white striped accent wall.  So I always figured our son (we’ll call him C, because saying “our son” this whole post is annoying) would stay in that room.  I thought about going in a completely new direction for his room, but I still love that striped wall and feel like its the perfect backdrop for a boys room.  Plus, navy and white are so classic and I wanted to create a space that he wouldn’t outgrow in a few years.

I love metal beds for boys, their design is timeless and work both for the little ones and the teens.  I knew I wanted to incorporate one into C’s room and seeing these spaces from Annabode + Co and Studio McGee confirmed that.

While I love designing kids rooms, sometimes the hard part can be balancing what they’re into and what they want with what you want as a parent or designer.  I’m generally not a fan of theme rooms and feel like they don’t carry much staying power, but kids love them and we’d do anything for our kids right??  C is really into Star Wars right now and when were looking at room pictures together he was naturally drawn to those with floor-to-ceiling Star Wars-themed furnishings.  Then we saw this room and I knew we could find a happy medium.  He loved the art prints and I loved that the theme doesn’t dominate the room and could easily be switched out if the mood changes.

via Lay Baby Lay

I really wanted his room to feel richly layered, with a good mix of pattern and texture.  These rooms from Mindy Gayer, the Handmade Home and Stephanie Kraus all have that perfect balance and provided a ton of inspiration for the overall look and feel of C’s room.

Most important though is that room functions well as both a play space and a sleep space.  With our daughter moving into what is now the playroom, we’re losing valuable toy storage.  I plan to use an existing dresser for most of C’s clothes so that we can maximize the closet for toys.  Even still,  kids (or maybe just mine?) are messy so plenty of open storage in the room for easy clean up is a must.

Keeping all that in mind, here’s what I’ve dreamed up for C’s new room, which I’m dubbing the Classically Cool Boys Room.

classically cool boys room blog px

The artwork has to be my favorite and definitely lends to the cool factor of the room.  The Han Solo print is from Concepcion Studios and C went crazy when he saw it.  I’ve had my eye on that framed fox portrait from High Street Market for years (literally) and love how the moodiness of it complements the rest of the art but also keeps the room from feeling too theme-y.  For now the wall desk will give him his own space to color (which he loves) and will become more of a homework center as he gets older.  Lots of storage baskets bring texture and will make sure bedtime clean up goes quickly.  The bed and bedding shown here isn’t exactly what I plan to use, but I love the contrast of the plaid with the big, bold stripes on the wall.

So now comes the hard part, waiting for all of it to get delivered!  Once everything has been pulled together I’ll be sure to share the finished room.   In the meantime, I’ll be back soon sharing what I’ve pulled together for my daughters room, so stay tuned!


Classically Cool Boys Room design board featuring iron bed, wood wall desk, blue plaid throw blanket, star wars art prints, blue storage baskets and ikea kallax shelves #boysroom #boysroomideas #boysroominspiration #starwarsthemedroom #boysroomdecor #kidsroom

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  1. Looks incredible! It’s exciting that they are ready to have their own space and that you can create havens that capture each of their personalities perfectly. I love how you’ve incorporated pieces that meet their current obsessions, like StarWars, without being so overbearing.

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