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I feel about 10 years late to the party.  Blogs (which I’m pretty sure are just called websites now) seem so 2008, but my husband says I’m always late so this is fitting.  I’ve loved design since I was young.  Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are the antique road trips my Mom and I would take through central Virginia.  I loved the history behind all the pieces in the shops we would visit and almost every time it came time to redo my bedroom an antique made its way into the mix.  But it wasn’t until I discovered the world of style & design blogs that I realized how passionate I was about interior design and started thinking it might be an avenue for something more.

I think the first blogs I started following were wedding blogs.  Style Me Pretty was fairly new around the time I was planning our wedding and I was hooked.  Then Pinterest came on the scene around the time we bought our first house and opened the flood gates.  There I discovered Lauren Liess (a fellow JMU grad) and her Pure Style Home blog, Erika Powell’s Urban Grace Interiors and Caitlin Wilson, all interior designers, I still love years later for their fresh, timeless aesthetic.


I often toyed with the idea of starting a blog of my own, but could never get myself to do it.   I’d like to say it was because I was already doing a lot of writing for my company’s corporate blog, but really the idea of putting myself out there felt extremely awkward and uncomfortable (and still does).  Even with the my private social media accounts, I don’t share much.  Being a lurker is much more my style 😂.

After our twins were born and I decided to leave my career in marketing and stay home full-time, the itch to do something with design really started growing.  After 4 years of thinking about it, I finally signed up for design classes, which I’ve been taking this year, and started Styling Gypsy on Instagram on a whim.  I’m still not sure exactly what I want this to be, but honestly putting it out there is the only way I know to hold myself accountable and take action.

So if you’re still reading (seriously this was long, why are you still reading??), I hope you’ll follow along as I share design projects, what’s inspiring me and where this venture is taking me.

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