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After a quiet couple of months here on the blog, Iโ€™m finally back with some exciting news…Iโ€™m officially open for business! I couldnโ€™t be more excited to introduce you to to my new venture, Styling Gypsy Interior Design LLC.

This summer was a bit of a whirlwind and while it was always my intention to launch the business this year, I probably would not have gotten things moving at the time that I did had opportunity not come a knockin’.  But when you meet a super cool couple who just bought a new house and are willing to put their trust in you to help them make it a fresh space for their family and a home they love, you quickly roll up your sleeves and jump right in.

To me, designing a home is deeply personal.  It’s not just recreating a look and plugging it into a space.  Instead it’s thinking about how you can take all the inspiration that speaks to you and inject it into a design that is tailored to how YOU want to live and feel in YOUR home.  I really do believe that your home should be your everyday retreat, that reflects who you are, how you live, where you’ve been and what you love.

Styling Gypsy Interior Design was formed on exactly that premise – to create fresh, family-friendly and timeless interiors custom designed for the way you want to live.  In every project I take on, whether it is for a client or in my own home, I aim to create a design plan that is cohesive and personal.  Where form and function both reign and no matter what your design style, be it mid-century, traditional, or modern farmhouse, fresh trends and classic elements are married to create a timeless design.  Because your home is an investment and you deserve good design that will last.


I’ll be building out this site with more information on service offerings soon (somehow putting the cart before the horse makes me more accountable!), but if you’re local to the greater Philadelphia area and looking for help designing a home you love I’m available for:

  • Full-service interior design projects (where I manage the design process from initial concept development to final delivery and installation in your space)
  • Room refreshes (taking existing furnishings you have and introducing some new elements for a fresh update)
  • Art & accessories styling  (finishing touches are often what bring a room together and can be some of the hardest decisions, I can help you choose art or other accessories to help you complete a space)
  • One-on-one design consulting (are you just looking for some general guidance to help you finish a space or maybe you need paint color recommendations, let’s chat)

If you aren’t local to the Philadelphia area or you’re looking for a more affordable interior design service, I’m also available for e-design.  You fill out a brief questionnaire and measure your space, we have an initial phone consultation, then I deliver a design plan complete with a design board, floor plan and source list for you to purchase items when you’re ready.

And if you’re just here for pretty pictures, free design content or to provide moral support – I’m so happy you’re here (especially if you’re offering moral support ๐Ÿ˜‚, it goes a LONG way when you’re starting a new business!)  Thanks for following along!

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