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Styling Gypys | The Beauty of Teak - 3 Stylish Ways to Use Teak in Your Outdoor Space | Outdoor living area featuring teak furniture and patio decor

Anyone else feel like you’re doing everything and nothing at all this summer? With the exception of a few weeks of camp in June for my kids, we’ve had virtually no schedule. I love it because we can have fun on the fly,  but it also makes it harder to set aside blocks of time to get much done with work or home projects. So that’s partially why it’s mid-July and I’m just now getting our patio decor ready for the season. I just keep telling myself that I’m getting a jump on fall when we use it the most.

I am pretty low-maintenance when it comes to outdoor living. Meaning the less I have to do to take care of it, the more I enjoy it. And that’s one of the reasons why I love using teak furniture and decor in outdoor spaces. A little neglect (or a lot in my case this year) actually makes teak even more beautiful. Left to weather the elements, teak develops a nice silvery patina. And if that pretty driftwood hue doesn’t appeal to you, its fairly easy to bring it back to its original color with a teak restorer (I’ve used this product before with good results. It’s easy to apply and I find doing this before you cover your furniture for the season works really well).


Teak is also inherently durable. Its natural oils make it water and pest repellant and give it the added benefit of being less susceptible to cracking or warping than some other natural wood materials commonly used in outdoor furniture.  And while teak is more expensive than its other wood counterparts, its durability makes it worth the splurge in my book.   Outdoor furniture takes a beating and if you’re having to replace something every couple of years, those dollars quickly add up versus saving for a quality set that will last you a decade or more.

Mostly, I just love the beauty of teak and its versatility.  There are so many different styles of teak furniture and decor that its easy to bridge the gap between the design of your indoor spaces and the natural beauty of the outdoors.

So if you’re like me and just getting your outdoor entertaining act together, here are three different looks that can help you incorporate teak into a stylish outdoor space of your own.  And if you’re on your outdoor game already, file this away as inspiration for next year ๐Ÿ˜‰


Styling Gypsy | The Beauty of Teak - 3 Stylish Ways to Use Teak in Your Outdoor Space | Design board featuring patio decor ideas & outdoor furniture
3 Stylish Ways to Use Teak in Your Outdoor Space

Get the Look – Classic Luxe: 1| Montecito Outdoor Pillow Cover 2| Printed Gate with Greek Key Border Pillow, Navy 3|Ceylon Teak Sofa 4| Eastport Umbrella 5|Safavieh Castle Gardens Collection Navy Elephant Ceramic Garden Stool 6| 15″ Cumberland Square Planter, Lead Lite 7| Anacapa Coffee Table 8| Solid Border Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Navy 9| Ceylon Teak Wingback Occasional Chair

Get the Look – Relaxed Casual: 1| Isola Sofa in Natural Finish 2| Palm Tray 3| Regatta Natural Console-Bar-Workstation 4| 17″ Celine Planter, Alpine Stone 5| Outdoor Fig Leaf Pillow Cover 6| Synthetic Trim Indoor/Outdoor Pillow 7| Isola Lounge Chair in Natural Finish 8| Isola Chat Table 9| Crest Side Table-Stool

Get the Look – Modern Coastal: 1| Tori Pillow 2|Outdoor Mombasa Pillow Cover 3| Marbella Teak Classic U-Sofa Sectional Weathered Teak 4| Giant Clam Shell 5| Samson Gray Indoor/Outdoor Rug 6| Treviso Lantern – Weathered Gray Teak 7| Millstone Coffee Table 8| Sphere Light Gray Planters

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